Eyelash Extensions and Lash Tinting

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the new rave these days. Don’t have lashes? No problem! We have an app for that. Okay, just kidding, but really? How cool is it that you don’t have to be born with them to have beautiful long lashes? Our fabulous lash techs here at Cru’ are truly talented. If you know a little bit about eyelash extensions then you know they are individually placed on your real lashes and that you must book with an experienced tech. Someone who knows what they’re doing. Just how you wouldn’t go to just anyone to get your balayage color for your summer “do”, DO NOT just go to anyone for those luscious lashes. Here are a few Eyelash Extension tips and rules:

Do your homework! A truly experienced eyelash technician will have a portfolio. If you really want natural and full looking lashes that won’t rip your natural lashes out, make sure you meet someone who is experienced.

Make sure the lash technician and spa you choose to visit is clean and follows protocol when it comes to hygiene. You don’t want to get someone else’s pink eye from lack of cleanliness. Gross!

Check how long the technician takes to put the lashes on. Some techs can take up to 2 ½ hours to apply them. Some only take 1 hour. For those who only take 1 hour, make sure they aren’t quick for lack of skill. (this is where their portfolio comes handy).

Once you have found “the one” and everything comes out beautifully, make sure you know how to maintain them!

Eyelash extensions 101: No water is to come in contact with your eyes within 24 hours of getting your extensions. Just bypass the shower all together. Make sure you’re all showered up before your appointment.

No water-proof mascara! If you’ve ever used waterproof makeup, you know how difficult it is to remove, which is great during the summer time when you take a dip in the pool. It’s not so great if you are wearing lash extensions. The more you have to rub t mascara off, the easier those extensions will come off. And honestly, you won’t even need mascara once you have long, beautiful lash extensions!

And this last one brings me to our next topic: no tinting your eyelash extensions! Want to tint your lashes? Do it before the application!


Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting is a great way to bring your natural lashes to life, or make them match your extensions. If you’re a blonde, red head, or even light brunette, eyelash tinting is a great way to make your natural lashes less noticeable with eyelash extensions. If you aren’t quite ready for the commitment of lash extensions, then lash tinting is a perfect solution to create some drama for your lashes when mascara is applied. Lash tinting lasts 4-6 weeks and only takes 15 minutes!

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